Wildsterz is an apparel brand that motivates fitness lovers everywhere to train harder and have fun doing it. We’re building a like-minded community that values playful expression and intense training. We’ve felt first-hand that feeling comfortable in what you wear has a big impact in your performance and overall experience.

What we do

We create designs for print-on-demand fitness apparel. Our sportswear & activewear is made for hard training and motivated people. Our collections feature a variety of fit characters that help you embrace and unleash your wild side.We believe that everyone deserves the chance to have fun and feel supported on their fitness journey and we’re here to help.

Our Mission

  • Motivating people worldwide to train hard, never give up and live healthily
  • Inspiring fitness enthusiasts to live a athletic life and have fun doing it
  • Providing fitness lovers with fun, unique apparel that motivates and inspires

Our Vision

  • To bring fun into the fitness industry with lighthearted and inspiring designs
  • To create a community of fitness-interested people through playful fitness apparel
  • To become widely recognized by fitness enthusiasts worldwide

Our promise

We believe that fitness apparel should be as customized and unique to you as your own fitness journey. When it comes to athleticism, fitness journeys, and style, everybody is unique. We strive to create a brand that mirrors your own journey. Therefore, we uphold our promise to offer products that allow you to:

  • Choose your own adventure: we give you the freedom to select and customize your fitness apparel, just like your favorite gym routine! Pick your size, style, color, etc so your activewear wardrobe fully aligns with your personal style.
  • Feel great in high-quality clothing: when channeling your inner beast, your clothing should be your superpower and not a distraction. We promise high-quality prints and comfortable material that allows you to feel and perform your best.
  • Fast delivery and dedicated customer service: At Wildsterz, we make you our first priority, ensuring that your delivery reaches your door in a timely manner and that we are on standby to help you through any part of the process.

The problem:

  • Finding a fitness apparel brand with expressive and playful designs is hard to come by.
  • Going through a fitness journey when you feel alone and unsupported can be a daunting task.
  • People are always on the hunt for unique designs to express themselves.

Our solution:

  • Wildsterz provides fitness lovers with fun, unique designs that help people train hard and look good doing it.
  • Wildsterz is creating a community of like-minded individuals worldwide so that you never have to feel alone.
  • Wildsterz helps you unleash the animal inside of you and express your wild side with cool, fit characters.

Meet our international team



Founder & CEO

Location: Germany

Marcell is the owner and founder of Wildsterz. As a Berlin native residing in Munich, he spends most of his days as a marketing expert and creative problem solver for big companies. He loves the freedom that comes with art and design and is passionate about creating amazing products. With each new idea for a design, Marcell aims to bring a smile to people’s faces and improve their quality of life, all while watching the Wildsterz community grow.



Creative Artist

Location: Indonesia

Suryadi is an freelance graphic designer. He likes all kinds of cartoon digital art and was therefore the perfect choice for the creation of our designs. He developed initial sketches from the ideas and specifications for the animal characters. After that, he enjoyed creating visual designs that help us connect with our audience. Suryadi loves working collaboratively to develop designs that stand out and reflect the character of our sportswear brand Wildsterz.



Marketing Manager

Location: Germany

Jenna is a passionate freelancer, world traveller and cookie maker with a passion for digital marketing. She has a degree in International Management and has worked for a tech start-up and an online shop for several years. Her expertise in digital marketing helps us connect our business offering with our target audience. Jenna also supports the team as a reliable, self-motivated and efficient virtual assistant in the areas of administration and graphic design.



Brand Strategist

Location: USA

Gabrielle uses her experience in creative writing and marketing to help companies develop their marketing strategy and tone of voice. She loved the way that words and images could convey inspiring messages and elicit powerful emotions. She’s an expert in turning complex business objectives into creative texts. Almost all texts on our website originate from her creative mind. Gabrielle is Chief Creative & Director at Incubix, her own full-service branding agency.